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Composer, Conductor, Sound Designer

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On Goes the River (digital copy)


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On Goes the River is a setting of the Robert Louis Stevenson poem Where Go the Boats?   The setting places emphasis on the first line of the third stanza, “On goes the river”, taking this simple tale of a child sending toy boats downstream as a metaphor for the understanding that whatever we do in this life, someday we must pass on our role to another.  Commissioned by the Asheville Choral Society for their 40th Anniversary concert, celebrating legacy, as well as looking on to the future, seemed perfect thematically for such an occasion.  The setting employs a number of aleatoric effects to create the atmosphere of a flowing river.

commissioned and premiered by the Asheville Choral Society, Mar 2017 under the direction of Melodie Galloway

Difficulty: Advanced (3/5)

Duration: 5'30''


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