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May (The Spring Dawn) (digital copy)


**You are licensed to print one score and any number of individual parts with the purchase of this work.  For full purchasing information, please see my FAQ**

From The Twelve Months, a suite for band utilizing Variable Instrumentation, a method of composition that allows multiple combinations of instruments to be able to play the work "as written". For these, beyond a few standalone parts for more common instruments (namely flute, clarinet, trumpet, and tuba), instruments are grouped into categories - Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Woodwinds and Brass. Within these categories, a variety of instruments - specified on the score of each movement - may play the part, either alone or doubled with other instruments in that category. This allows even bands with significant gaps in their instrumentation to still be able to play the work. For those ensembles with a fuller instrumentation, a "preferred" instrument for each category is listed in italics at the beginning of the respective parts in the score, though following these suggestions is entirely up to the director's discretion.

A shorter, easier work, May is a lovely slow movement with a powerful climactic end.  Focus is mostly on intonation and a moderate extended range (mostly in trumpets and tubas).

premiered by the Invitational Honor Band at the University of Louisville, Jan 2014 under the direction of Mark Lynn

Difficulty: Intermediate (2/5)

Duration: 4'45''


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